Program Workshop NextCardio

Miercuri 19 Iulie 2017

Ora 09:00 -12:00

  1. Endovascular workshop with Mentice Simulators
  • Responsabili Octavian Popa si Radu Hulpus
  1. Simulare terapie endovasculara anevrism aorta abdominala transcateter
  2. Simulare protezare valvulara aortica transcateter
  3. Simulare terapie endovasculara aorta toracica transcateter
  4. Simulare stentare artera iliaca
  5. Simulare angiografie diagnostic
  6. Simulare angioplastie artere periferice

CFD and Innovation Workshop

13:30 – Next Cardio Project – general presentation -Victor S. Costache

13.40 – Innovating and reinventing cardiovascular surgery – Jude Sauer

14:10 –  Computational fluid dynamics in cardiology-general considerations-Marcus Carlsson (Lund)

14:30 – Innovation in surgery – Wolfgang Wiedenbein

14:40 – Computational fluid dynamics in vascular and endovascular surgery- Rodney White (UCLA)

15:00 – Multilayer grafts-general principles- Nourredine Frid (Belgium)

15:20 – Coffee break

15:40 – Computational fluid dynamics for MFM- Ricardo Palmeiro Rodrigues (Belgium)

16:00 – Endovascular aortic repair of thoracic aneurysms (TEVAR) – Dave Veerasingam (Ireland)

16:20 – Computational fluid dynamics in congenital cardiology – Petru Liuba (Sweden)

16:40 – Computational fluid dynamics in clinical trials – Karen De Leener (Belgium)

17:00 –  MRI in cardiovascular imaging – Adrian Santa (Romania)

17:30 – Conclusions

Joi 20 Iulie 2017

Ora 09:00 – 12:00

  1. Controlling the flow workshop
  • Responsabili Ricardo Palmeiras si Victor Costache\
  1. Prezentare si utilizare simulator endovascular
  2. Principii printing 3 D aorta
  3. Utilizare scaffold vascular in simulator
  4. Simulare tratament endovascular disectie aortica
  5. Planificare studii clinice in vitro
Session D 13:00-13:52 – Overview an Update on Type A Aortic Dissection
Moderators: Horatiu Moldovan, Bucharest, Rodney White, Los Angeles, Eric Arnaud Crozat, Grenoble, Ovidiu Stiru, Bucharest
13:00 Update on surgical techniques for type A aortic dissection Horatiu Moldovan Bucharest, Romania
13:10 Discussion
13:13 Endovascular solutions for type A aortic dissection Rodney White Los Angeles, USA
13:23 Discussion
13:26 Normothermic aortic arch repair in aortic dissection Eric Arnaud Crozat Grenoble, France
13:36 Discussion
13:39 Should the aortic arch be replaced in all cases of type A aortic dissection? Ovidiu Stiru Bucharest, Romania
13:49 Discussion




Session E 13:52-15:17 – Challengs and Solutions for Aortic Arch Aneurysms
Moderators: Michel Makaroun, Pittsburgh, Bakchiche A. Bruxelles, Konstadinos Plestis, Philadelphia, Peter Haldenwang, Bochum, Carmine Sessa, Grenoble, Martin Malina, London
13:52 Single-branch devices for the aortic arch Michel Makaroun Pittsburgh, USA
14:02 Discussion
14:05 The role of multi-layer stents in the management of arch aneurysm Costache, V. Sibiu, Romania
14:15 Discussion


14:18 Open surgery is the gold standard for aortic arch aneurysms Konstadinos Plestis Philadelphia, USA
14:28 Discussion
14:31 State of the art and innovations in organ protection for aortic arch surgery Peter Haldenwang Bochum, Germany
14:41 Discussion
14:44 Proper Technique For Subclavian To Carotid Artery Transposition Carmine Sessa Grenoble, France
14:54 Discussion
14:57 Management of Multi-level PAD and the need for technical flexibility and broad skill sets Martin Malina London, UK
15:07 Coffee Break
Sessions F 15:17 – 16:45 – Controversies and Updates in thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm(TAAA)
Moderators: Marcus Carlsson, Lund, Rolf Damrau, Dueren, Michel Makaroun, Pittsburgh, Konstadinos Plestis, Philadelphia, Amira Benjelloun, Rabat, Frank Criado, Baltimore
15:17 Thoracic aorta aneurysms: what to expect from modern imaging techniques and common pitfalls Marcus Carlsson Lund, Sweden
15:27 Discussion
15:30 Does hybrid repair have a role in the management of TAAA? Rolf Dammrau Dueren, Germany
15:40 Discussion
15:43 Gore Multibranched Tambe Off-The-Shelf (OTS) Device For Treating TAAA: Technique And Early Experience Michel Makaroun Pittsburgh, USA
15:53 Discussion
15:56 TAAA: Update on open repair, review of the literature Konstadinos Plestis Philadelphia, USA
16:06 Discussion
16:09 Multi-layer solutions for TAAA repair Amira Benjelloun Rabat, Morocco
16:19 Discussion
16:22 10 Minutes Debate: “Open repair for TAAA remains the gold standard”  (Plestis) vs “TEVAR is the new standard of care” (Criado) Konstadinos Plestis

Frank Criado

Philadelphia, USA

Baltimore, USA

16:42 Discussion
19:00 Dinner at Ramada
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