Usually, packs which only contain players and no consumables are more rewarding than ones which are a combination of players and other items, however, there are occasions when mixed packs can give better rewards. It is always a good idea to check the pack odds before deciding which packs to buy.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Packs are always available for purchase in the Store, but each weekend, there are usually promo packs released which have extra players or extra rare cards but usually cost more coins or points. Seasonal events and promotions also see the release of rarer packs which give better chances at high-rated players.

The rarest and most popular of these are the Jumbo Rare Players Pack and Ultimate Pack as they contain the most rare gold players. A good rule of thumb is to buy the packs with more rare gold players as these usually produce the best rewards. EA Sports began showing pack probabilities in last year’s version of the game and now you can see what your chances are of pulling a player of a certain rating. This helps determine which packs you should spend your coins or FIFA points on.


As the season progresses, pack odds also improve. For example at the start of FIFA 20, a standard gold pack costing 7,500 coins or 150 points had odds of 3.3 per cent of getting a player rated 83 or higher, but this has improved to 3.6%. This is because Teams of the Week are stronger later in the season, while prime icons are now available in packs.

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Squads can be improved by opening packs from the Store or else buying players on the Transfer Market. Packs can be bought using real money on EA Points or else in-game currency called FIFA Coins. Packs contain a random assortment of players and other items, but amid protests over gambling and loot boxes, EA Sports now shows the odds of what you can open in each pack. Despite this, it is still random and the chances of packing Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo are very, very slim.

See the table below for the probabilities of pulling a player above a certain rating for every pack in the game, including the odds on getting a TOTSSF player in a pack.

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