Researchers have known for a very long time precisely how much stress can negatively impact not just the brain, but the body aswell. more and More diseases are being connected to the effects of stress on the entire body.

One organ which is much more critical than we may know is the liver. It is responsible for detoxification, filtering the blood, breaking down excess hormones and keeping the balance of water and body fluid salt. It makes and shops glycogen. Glycogen is usually transformed into sugar (blood sugar) as the entire body requires it.

Research has shown there’s decreased blood circulation to the liver when we are under stress, and continual stress may cause liver damage. It might also effect the inflammatory process which happens in the liver.

Stress will cause the adrenal glands to produce an increased amount of the hormone, cortisol. This may bring about problems which are many such as elevated blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, decreased cognitive function and impaired immune system function. In case the liver has already been overworked as a result of stress, it could be unable to breakdown these excess hormones.

Plus, when we are experiencing increased stress in the lives of ours, there is a greater tendency for smoking, drinking and unhealthy eating. Gastrointestinal upset and headaches can result in increased use of over-the-counter treatments for relief, all which get processed by the liver. These all place all the find out more here – – stress on this currently overworked organ.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale; T. mongolicum) is used medicinally for over a 1,000 years. It was prescribed by Chinese doctors for treatment of a wide variety of problems like boils, hepatitis, bronchitis and ulcers. In both Ayuvedic and chinese medication, it was employed for treating breast cancer.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale; T. mongolicum)

Of the Middle Ages, its use as a diuretic as well as liver tonic became much more well known and by the 17th-century it was appropriate for many different ailments.

The vegetation of dandelion are the way to obtain it’s diuretic activity. A diuretic flushes excess water away from the body and is advantageous for kidney function. The roots are the cause of the most activity as a liver tonic and also are beneficial for the gallbladder. They’ve been used for many centuries to treat jaundice. This’s a yellowing of the skin due to liver malfunction. The plants of dandelion are a great source of lecithin, a nutrient helpful for different liver problems.

non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (nalfd)Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum)