BR’s 19 People to watch in 2019 | Victor Costache: My 2019 goal is to drastically cut death rates among Romanian children with heart disease

2018 was a record year for the renowned heart doctor Victor Costache. At the end of August, he led a team performing a unique surgery that saved the life of a 77-year-old patient given a 2 percent chance of survival. The Academy of World Records made note of the surgery held in Sibiu.

As he explained, this kind of intervention helps prevent the opening of the thoracic cavity, which would have had more complicated post-surgery effects for the patient. “I believe that any medical problem has a solution, and your vision as a doctor is influenced by the information and experience that you amass,” said Costache, head of cardiovascular surgery at Polisano Hospital, in Sibiu.

He is one of the few Romanian doctors that chose to come back and practice in his native country, after specializing at top universities abroad, and practicing for ten years at leading hospitals in France, Denmark, Germany, the UK and Quebec. He has worked with major figures in the field, such as Prof. Dr. Dominique Blin – the founder of the heart surgery department in France – Prof. Dr. Phillipe Merloz, Prof. Dr. Jean Luc Magne, and Prof. Dr. Christian Letoublon.

In November 2018 President Klaus Iohannis decorated the brilliant surgeon with the Order of Merit, Rank of Knight.

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