A patient-specific study of aorta remodelling after treatment of type-B aortic dissection using segmentation software


The analysis for 16 patients (mean age 50 years) with chronic type B aortic dissection managed by endovascular implantation of a Multilayer Flow Modulator (MFM ® Cardiatis, Isnes, Belgium). Clinical data for 16 cases including preoperative and postoperative treatment were obtained from the NEXTCARDIO database, the interventions were implemented at Polisano European Hospital, Sibiu, Romania.

For all cases, the CT scans were used to analyse the volumetric evolution of true lumen, false lumen, diameter of true lumen and how the aorta is remodelled after intervention with MFM device. The investigation is done pre-intervention, post-intervention and at the latest follow up performed. The results obtain using segmentation software are confirming the improved clinical status of patients.


martie 25th, 2019|Publicatii|